Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NFL: Michael Vick re-instated by NFL, Dog Walkers of America outraged

So in case you haven't heard, Michael Vick has been "conditionally" re-instated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick is allowed to sign with a team and participate in practices and pre-season games, however Goodell needs to give the final word, which probably won't come prior to Week 6, before Vick can play in the regular season.

Vick is a remarkably talented athlete. He can beat you with his arm or his feet and forces defenses to gameplan against him. Much is made of his shoddy career completion percentage, however the wide receivers in Atlanta were nothing to write home about, leading the NFL in drops for several seasons during Vick's tenure. He's a good quarterback who would be remarkably dynamic in a wild cat offense.

With that said, what's the real incentive for an NFL team to take a chance on Vick? He's been out of football for two years and is probably out of shape and out of rythym. He doesn't fit the mold of a 6'5" pocket passer. He won't able to play a meaningful game until Week 6. He'll bring a windfall of negative publicity to the team that signs him which could potentially result in lost sponsorships. And above all he'd bring a big distraction to the locker room.

Cincinnatti, Washington, and Jacksonville are some rumored suitors. Would Vick start over Carson Palmer, Jason Campbell, or David Garrard? No, No, and possibly but not likely. As such, are the aforementioned risks worth a signing a talented second string quarterback who might see a couple snaps a game?

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