Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proper Welcome, Fashionably Late

Greetings, rabidly avid fan base of this nascent sports blog, a blog that plans to go through more name changes than Prince until the perfect title can be ascertained. Indeed, it is going to be a long and arduous journey to find the right name to encapsulate all of the great things for which this blog stands, like the Ecksteinian hustle and grit alluded to in the preliminary and slightly lengthy mission statement at the top of the page. As we have all assuredly been taught throughout our lives, however, is to never judge a nascent sports blog by its cover, right? Give us a chance to showcase our hustle and grit, our slightly above average value over replacement blog, and middling writing potential. We may never be flashy or put up particularly flattering statistics, but dammit, we will hustle the fuck out of a routine groundball.

Nick is the main sports guru around here. I plan on contributing some additional updates, mostly on baseball. We’ll see where this takes us. We have high hopes, even though we’ve never done this before. Enjoy.

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